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Programs and Resources

Shabbat Dinners - Weekly

Shabbat Dinner at Chabad is an intimate and homey experience that imbues a feeling of belonging (as well as a happy and full belly). 
With Mama Ray's fresh Challah and matzah ball soup, plus 


Torah in 20 - Weekly  

Tuesday lunch is on us at Kohlberg 201.

Enjoy a classic Jewish staple, bagels, lox, and cream cheese, as we explore a bite-sized timely Torah topic and its relevant application on campus. 

There is no experience or weekly commitment necessary; just come and enjoy!

Soup + Study - Weekly

Delving over a Jewish topic with a delicious bowl of warm soup at Chabad, does it get much better?

From Talmud and Jewish Philosophy to Theology and Hasidism, we're going to cover a wide range of fascinating topics. 

Classes will be divided into 3-4 week "mini series".


Holiday Celebrations 


Away from home during the Jewish Holidays? Don't fret! Your Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur can be as uplifting. Your Chanukah as bright and festive. And your Passover as warm and celebratory. 

​Chabad is your family at every major and minor Holiday!

You don't celebrate the Holidays at home? Chabad is the perfect place to learn and experience them for the first time! All our services and observances are beginner-friendly. Enjoyable guaranteed!

The Mezuzah Bank

The Mezuzah Loan Bank is the opportunity to flex your Jewish pride on campus and transform your space into a beacon of light and positivity!

Borrow a Mezuzah from Chabad, and proudly hang a Mezuzah on your dorm room door with the help of either Rabbi Mordi or Reizel.

Orange beef soup instagram post (Poster (Portrait) (18 × 24 in))_edited_edited.png

Soup for the Soul

Got the sniffles? Feeling under the weather and need some homey love and warmth? We got you!
Our free-of-charge service will deliver Matzah Ball soup directly to your dorm room and provide that Jewish penicillin that you so desperately need. 

(Delivery is subject to availability).

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